Camp Reflection



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More About The Eureka Stockade


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Let’s Read Out Aloud


So I’m guessing you all want so see me make a fool out of my self, but that’s ok because that’s how you get more confinedent with your book. My book giraffes can’t dance I’m going to read a small section of the picture story book to you guys.

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Reading a book


My goal is to use different character voices for different parts of the story to make it more interesting.

I think my goal is nearly completed because I have practiced at home and read to a group of friends. I also asked some people for some advice on what I should do to change my voice for different character voices I just need to work out the cricket’s voice.

My goal now is to hold the book up so everyone can see when I’m reading my book to the preps. I will do this by practising a way to hold up my book so everyone can see.

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Want I want to know more about


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So Far I Know About Federation


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Solar Boats


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What Comments have


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Biggest Nugget ever


Discovered channel Australia, special thanks for this photo it is from the casino in Las Vagas

I found it here coves. uh blagards! da troopers are guarding it how on blooming earth are we gonna snatch it from them bliming joes. Eh use this musket.

comment your story about this photo or in your creative way.

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My Avatar


This is my avatar I like it because it looks like me and when I’m older I want to be Rapper/Dancer.

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Photography In Thirds


Have you ever heard of the rule of…  thirds! (crickets chirping) well it may not sound interesting but it’s a great way for photographers.

The rule of thirds is a photo taken at an angle and the image is off center people use a grid (3 by 3) to include other thing in the photo. Here are two examples.

This was my favourite spot in grade 2 when I arrived


This is my favourite spot now

Tell me in the comment which one has the rule of thirds and which one doesn’t.

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Another Book Means More Blog Posts!


Woah woah wait did the teacher want us to do it again didn’t they learn the first time.

You wouldn’t believe this but the teachers are here again to show us yet another picture story book! We did it in year 4 when we read farmer duck, now Henry and Amy. Wow I can’t wait for year 12 when we do another picture story book! So here I am again talking about yet another picture story book Henry and Amy. (right way up and upside down)

Henry is different. he wants to be like Amy a girl he meets. She is perfect. Henry wants to learn. So she shows him but she doesn’t want to be perfect. So he teaches her how be different.

The hidden message that I found most important was to keep persisting. The reason I found this the most important was because Henry and Amy were trying to be different. They did what the other person did. I also think it fits into be yourself as well.

My personal goal is to keep persisting so I can get the job done. That way I will be successful in working in difficult tasks. To do this I will need a persistant attitude and I will never give up.

Well you may not know about the other book I read in grade 4 Farmer Duck so the link to the post is here you can tell me in the comments if I have made 24 months of improvement.


This photo is from I found it on images.

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Get On The Floor


I challenge you to a dance off hands off no trash talk no back walk right now dance off, Yesterday Night was awesome everyone was dancing and showing off with tricks and skills there was lots of food to eat.

Our dance was a mixture of dance off and merged into who you know  I really liked our dance but my favourite dance was Eminem because it was so funny because they looked like robots. I aslo liked what does the fox say and masquerade. We also had a graduation song for the grade 6s we finished at 8:10 and started at 6:30. This was an epic day because I love dancing.

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We Can Change The World By Using Less Co2


img_3825The world is getting warmer the earth is facing challenges beyond its imigination. Climate change is the biggest issue and effects everything all you need to do to help is use less electricity and don’t waste water. Grow some trees change to led lights think about the materials you use. Doing these tiny things makes a big difference  this is what we were learning for sustainability and someone named Ceri talked about climate change and what it’s doing.

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I Am The One!!!


I wake up in the morning a bullet hits me never mind its a bottle capped can’t you see. Try and land it on a tall roof slim ledge or even a maccas sign. 200 flips amazinng not try 300. It’s in the air suspense has struck try and land it on a speeding truck.

That’s a rap that me and Joram wrote. It’s a figuaritive language poem (songs are poems) figurative means putting more description into a sentence or piece of writing.

if you enjoy bottle flipping click this photo to go to a link of that’s amazing there’s flips are amazing!

Click the picture below that’s amazing and look at some of my own flips.



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The Big Race!


We grabbed a course sheet my partners raging through the course.  I leaped over the spiky branches I tripped I was in pain blood spat over the gravel. But I kept going I pushed the clip into the sheet one more here it is we raced to the finish.

We had our big day at Orienteering which was awesome because all we wanted to do was parkour and explore thats why in one we got 57 minutes. Eventually we got back together and had a lot of fun finding all the boxes and exploring the landscapes.

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Looking For Orange Boxes


img_37053 2 1 GO we jumped over all the stairs. Man it was hot the map was crippled and those symbols what are were they talking about. In class we have been learning about ‘Show don’t tell’ to help give a description of te story. We have also been identifying the theme to find the message of the story.

This week we were doing Orienteering at school because next week we are having a big Orienteering challenge at Macedon Ranges.. It will be so much fun because (I will try to run away from school) I mean will be scavenging by mapping which is better than English.

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More Space Means More Space Ha….


Guess what we moved classrooms, but not just to any ordinary classroom is was a three roomed Portable. It use to be one classroom but we added two more rooms. We had to renovate which took three days I mean 4 hours! It was a really big struggle because we had to move the grades two’s to the new portables.

City of Ember was a shocking movie its was horrible because there wasn’t enough action to much adventure. And the mare died by a star nosed mole that was radiated.

Art was crazy all about street art we got to start our skateboard coat and I finished my tag POK. We had to create our own spray design that’s where we put our tag on over the top.


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Electrolysis Is?!


Science is so cool especially yesterday and I was there but I wasn’t just there I was presentating electrolysis. Other people were doing slime, geodes (like gemstones) star death, fossils and heaps more everyone was doing a seperate topic.

I really like showing my work to other students it makes you feel great. If you don’t know what electrolysis is I will tell you how I presented my knowledge of indicating electrolysis.

Hi my names Leon and my topic is indicating electrolysis. It’s when electricity gets passed through a mixture and breakes through water creating atoms. They then get measured by a PH indicator. For this experiment all you need is water Epsom salts that you put in the bath and cabbage juice just poached cabbage. What happens is the battery gets powered by the Epsom salts which then powers the battery it then powers the screws which then breaks up the water into its to components hydrogen and oxygen because water is 0 on the PH indicator no colour show up because the acidity the acid or alkalinity the cure for acid is 0. When hydrogen and oxygen are created in the mixture colours of green and red start forming because it’s hydrojens alkalinity is over 7 and the acidity is over 0. The green is hydrogen on the neggetive side and the positive side is oxygen there’s more gas bubbles coming from the neggetive side because there’s more molecules of hydrogen in H2O hydrojen two oxygen one. Any questions?

Click this poster to go to the website where I found my information.



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Boomy Booky Week


Mrs Walker’s door.image

Something that just blew my socks off. For an idea was Once Upon A Slime its quite a good book It was very colourful they had there own authors that they were with their own books they made with creative headings.

I think there idea was unexpected because they used a book that I would of forgotten. I like how it was clever because they told there self as authors. I also like the quality of there writing and punctuation and it was of course student work. My wish is maybe add some pictures in your books.


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Spelling, Capacity


At school we learnt that good spellers learn how to learn words by making an acrostic. To help us focus on patterns with words. The word that I wanted to learn was capacity. The reason for it is because I thought I could make a creative acrostic poem. Down below is my acrostic poem.









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Pew pew pew pew, pew pew! Sci-fi


Aliens, robots, engineering, futuristic weaponary and science, all packed in to one giant form of media. I think Science fiction texts are quite cool if you think about it. Thats why we are doing it for school. Mines about creating aliens with chemistry not with magical wands!

Aliens being the heroes get advanced weapons with plasma crystals In chemistry labs. Scinec fiction (Sci-fi) makes all that space and robots and all the other parts that I listed real. I can’t wait to read everyone else’s but here’s my start.


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Science is everything


Have you ever thought that a pencil is science it has physics and molecules and all these over technical terms your body science a wall science the world is SCIENCE!!!

I think science it more for adults because they can understand it deeply it is really interesting because of how chemicals and molecular react to one and another.

Some areas of science of science are chemistry, astronomy, biology and physics.

Heres a like to a very catchy song the quantum world check it out it will be stuck in your head non stop. Here’s the link, The Quantum World

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My Yarn ( JohnMacarthur )




On Tuesday we had a ball not at the royal house but in the grade 5s classrooms. We dressed up as snazzy characters that suit our historical people from the first fleet to Federation. We enjoyed talking about what happened in our day a having the special conversation and accent. A significant sentence that I would like to mention is that John MacArthur wanted rum and land and Bligh was not wanting to give those needs. That sentence was in my biography.

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John Macarthur’s Life


Name: John Macarthur 1767-1834

Date of birth:?? 1767

Place of birth: Plymouth United Kingdom

Siblings: James Edward William

Parents: Alexander Katherine


John Macarthur was a British battalion magistrate and a wool pioneer. He got enrolled for the raging berserk war of independence. John Macarthur was unlucky because by the time they got there supplies ready the war ended. What a waste of time! After was the time the rum revolution had started.

He was baptized on the 3rd of September. His kind hearted Scottish parents were named Katherine and Alexander.

The big dispute of John and the ferocious governor William Bligh Battled for rivalry and justice the fight erupted in 1808.

The colony wanted freedom and land. They asked John Macarthur an ex soldier for the task. They got him to bring down Bligh for his people. Unfortunately Macarthur didn’t pay his fine because a convict escaped the colony on his ship and it was his fault so he was arrested.

John Macarthur had somehow managed to get help from George Johnston a popular governor of New South Wales to get him out of court. That made William Bligh guilty and ran away to a hiding spot like a coward.

Another issue of Bligh was he was restricted with rum and land. John Macarthur’s idea was completely different he wanted rum and land.

That created the rum rebellion convicts were disbelieved about rum being restricted. So they marched to the state building where William Bligh was and captured by them. They made the first successful equipped embrace in the 19th century. To overthrow the stern man William Bligh.


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Historically Here


imageBack in 1808 the time rum was banned! that created riot at the NSW state building where William Bligh was. As the first success full armed takeover. As William Bligh the coward hides under the bed for mercy.

Here is a rap that states the first paragraph. “I’m John Macarthur I live      Davenport, My wife’s Catherine. I was in the colonial secretary n defence forces.

I’m a duelist trader whaler so much that I’ll blow the government from under the bed.

I used to be arrested but now I’m back. All the bushrangers return your fire you’re gonna regret those turns back to the cells.

So don’t come back to me or you will end up back where you started.

At the top of the post is a picture link to my information source.

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Chess Torious


I had a quick game with my friend and took most of his pieces out with my pawns. Here is a review of what happens during the game.

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Find Out Next On…


Read the rest of this entry »

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I Will Change Your Opinion


It’s just so fun making people feel uneasy with their argument when you do persuasive writing. It’s one of my favourite subjects being and using persuasive techniques. Being unique is pretty special. Changing the readers opinion in a interesting way now that is what I call a persuasive entry. Down below is a example of a persuasive piece I made Terraria is better then Minecraft. Make a comment which side you take on and techniques I used in my writing.image

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It’s Nearly Easter


What the Easter already? Time passes when your doing work with your buddy we made so really cool Easter crafts. I say they do look brilliant. Down bellow are some photos of the creative crafts we made.image


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Schools Out For Summer!!!


I can’t wait till the holidays come which is tomorrow. It will also be great to be in grade 5 next year. Here are some things I want to do on the holidays and why. The reason I want to go to bounce on the holidays is because I get to play dodgeball and do tricks of walls. I would like to go to fun fields because I haven’t been to many water parks. I really want to see the peanuts movie because I have been reading allot of the graphic novels.

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Kitchen Garden In Term 4


This is my kitchen garden in term 4.

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Quick Reactions Make Good Atractions


imageFinally it’s over… but this is just the beginning because I still have two more years of performing arts… even more. Here up above in this picture are some acting games which use acting skills.

In alphabet surprise we use a still image. This is useful because when I do acting at my dance school I have to be a still image and stay in posture for more than five minutes in my performance.

When we do tablo we use a acting skill to give the person a look of a theme like a mansion to give the a clear picture of the scenery.

When we play the game you. are acting skill in this game is to have a strong voice and powerful movement which helps warm up your diafram and voice.

When we play bus stop we use emotional and realistic emotions to get the person off  the bus waiting seat.


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It’s time To Get…. Growing




Our class grade height alltogether was 32.94 metres. There are 23 people in our class which makes the average 1.43 metres. So I was actually higher then the average. Horray I’m growing and even more than I’m suppose to be I think.

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Minecraft Killer Handbook


imageClick the photo above to learn all about Minecraft.

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Temperature Data… So Boring




Is it really warmer in Melbourne than Gisborne I don’t know do you? We can’t just guess.. can we, that wouldn’t be accurate. Is it warmer in Melbourne or Gisborne.

Week 1 

 (Level 1) On Monday the 5th the maximum temperature for Melbourne was 35°C.

(Level 2) This week the highest minumum temperature for New Gisborne was 18°C.

(Level 3) The maximum temperature for Melbourne was always higher then Gisborne.

(Average)  The average for Melbourne’s maximum was 25.2°C.

(Average) The average for New Gisbornes maximum was 22.8°C

Week 2                                       

(Level 1) On Thursday the 15th the minum temperature for New Gisborne was 13°C.

(Level 2) This week the highest Maximum Temperature for Muelbourne was 35°C.

(Level 3) The maximum temperature for New Gisborne was always lower then Melbourne.

(Average) The maximum average for Melbourne was 25.6°C.

(Average) The maximum average for New Gisborne was 23°C.


For the first week Melbourne’s average was higher than New Gisborne by 2.4°C and for the second week Melbourne’s maximum average was higher then New Gisborne by 2.6°C. That means that Melbourne is warmer than Gisborne.


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This Is The Life



2 3 4 Oooh- ooh-ooh- ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh (orquid silence)  Huh.. wha oh I was just are doing my singing and throwing my throat and moving my feet… because it was the school singing concert. I love doing Performing arts I do it at Flash Dance. That’s where Mrs Wencel teaches kids like me.

I used great attitude and facial expressions. I also made sure my singing and dancing was very sharp and clear.

Thank you Mrs Wencel for making this possible and helping me and my class be better at Performing Arts… I’m already amazing at Peforming Arts.

Try and find me leave a comment and tell me where I am in the performance.


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Minecraft Killer Handbook




Click the photo above to learn all about Minecraft.

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