Farmer Duck Learning Goal

Hi I am in year 4. My teacher read me a picture story book about a duck! He wanted to read the book to us figure out  hidden messages about Farmer Duck.

Farmer Duck is exhausted because he does all the work. The lazy farmer just sits in bed. So duck’s friends make a plan to get rid of the farmer.

I am going to choose one of the hidden messages. The one that makes me most successful is ‘think before I do work’.


2 thoughts on “Farmer Duck Learning Goal

  1. To Leon,

    I like how you you were very creative with your image.

    From Grace

  2. Hi Leon,

    I would agree that you have been achieving your learning goal so far.

    Your blog is looking great and is beginning to show what you are learning. Have a look at the Comic Life work on other blogs to get ideas on how to use text and images in a way that interests the reader.

    Best wishes, Mr Rogers.

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