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imageBack in 1808 the time rum was banned! that created riot at the NSW state building where William Bligh was. As the first success full armed takeover. As William Bligh the coward hides under the bed for mercy.

Here is a rap that states the first paragraph. “I’m John Macarthur I live      Davenport, My wife’s Catherine. I was in the colonial secretary n defence forces.

I’m a duelist trader whaler so much that I’ll blow the government from under the bed.

I used to be arrested but now I’m back. All the bushrangers return your fire you’re gonna regret those turns back to the cells.

So don’t come back to me or you will end up back where you started.

At the top of the post is a picture link to my information source.

2 thoughts on “Historically Here

  1. To Leon,
    I like how you’ve organised your rap but I wish that you would of had a better website.

  2. Sup Leon
    Great picture and link
    The first part doesnt make sense and the rap is meant to rhyme
    From Jo

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