John Macarthur’s Life

Name: John Macarthur 1767-1834

Date of birth:?? 1767

Place of birth: Plymouth United Kingdom

Siblings: James Edward William

Parents: Alexander Katherine


John Macarthur was a British battalion magistrate and a wool pioneer. He got enrolled for the raging berserk war of independence. John Macarthur was unlucky because by the time they got there supplies ready the war ended. What a waste of time! After was the time the rum revolution had started.

He was baptized on the 3rd of September. His kind hearted Scottish parents were named Katherine and Alexander.

The big dispute of John and the ferocious governor William Bligh Battled for rivalry and justice the fight erupted in 1808.

The colony wanted freedom and land. They asked John Macarthur an ex soldier for the task. They got him to bring down Bligh for his people. Unfortunately Macarthur didn’t pay his fine because a convict escaped the colony on his ship and it was his fault so he was arrested.

John Macarthur had somehow managed to get help from George Johnston a popular governor of New South Wales to get him out of court. That made William Bligh guilty and ran away to a hiding spot like a coward.

Another issue of Bligh was he was restricted with rum and land. John Macarthur’s idea was completely different he wanted rum and land.

That created the rum rebellion convicts were disbelieved about rum being restricted. So they marched to the state building where William Bligh was and captured by them. They made the first successful equipped embrace in the 19th century. To overthrow the stern man William Bligh.


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