Electrolysis Is?!

Science is so cool especially yesterday and I was there but I wasn’t just there I was presentating electrolysis. Other people were doing slime, geodes (like gemstones) star death, fossils and heaps more everyone was doing a seperate topic.

I really like showing my work to other students it makes you feel great. If you don’t know what electrolysis is I will tell you how I presented my knowledge of indicating electrolysis.

Hi my names Leon and my topic is indicating electrolysis. It’s when electricity gets passed through a mixture and breakes through water creating atoms. They then get measured by a PH indicator. For this experiment all you need is water Epsom salts that you put in the bath and cabbage juice just poached cabbage. What happens is the battery gets powered by the Epsom salts which then powers the battery it then powers the screws which then breaks up the water into its to components hydrogen and oxygen because water is 0 on the PH indicator no colour show up because the acidity the acid or alkalinity the cure for acid is 0. When hydrogen and oxygen are created in the mixture colours of green and red start forming because it’s hydrojens alkalinity is over 7 and the acidity is over 0. The green is hydrogen on the neggetive side and the positive side is oxygen there’s more gas bubbles coming from the neggetive side because there’s more molecules of hydrogen in H2O hydrojen two oxygen one. Any questions?

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