More Space Means More Space Ha….

Guess what we moved classrooms, but not just to any ordinary classroom is was a three roomed Portable. It use to be one classroom but we added two more rooms. We had to renovate which took three days I mean 4 hours! It was a really big struggle because we had to move the grades two’s to the new portables.

City of Ember was a shocking movie its was horrible because there wasn’t enough action to much adventure. And the mare died by a star nosed mole that was radiated.

Art was crazy all about street art we got to start our skateboard coat and I finished my tag POK. We had to create our own spray design that’s where we put our tag on over the top.


One thought on “More Space Means More Space Ha….

  1. Hi Leon,
    I liked how your work stands out to people but I think your could give less information on the post.

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