Another Book Means More Blog Posts!

Woah woah wait did the teacher want us to do it again didn’t they learn the first time.

You wouldn’t believe this but the teachers are here again to show us yet another picture story book! We did it in year 4 when we read farmer duck, now Henry and Amy. Wow I can’t wait for year 12 when we do another picture story book! So here I am again talking about yet another picture story book Henry and Amy. (right way up and upside down)

Henry is different. he wants to be like Amy a girl he meets. She is perfect. Henry wants to learn. So she shows him but she doesn’t want to be perfect. So he teaches her how be different.

The hidden message that I found most important was to keep persisting. The reason I found this the most important was because Henry and Amy were trying to be different. They did what the other person did. I also think it fits into be yourself as well.

My personal goal is to keep persisting so I can get the job done. That way I will be successful in working in difficult tasks. To do this I will need a persistant attitude and I will never give up.

Well you may not know about the other book I read in grade 4 Farmer Duck so the link to the post is here you can tell me in the comments if I have made 24 months of improvement.


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2 thoughts on “Another Book Means More Blog Posts!

  1. Hi Leon, wow what a difference 24 months make. Your ideas and goals are clear. Can not wait to read your picture book post in 72 months. Cheers Nathan (Dad)

  2. Hi Leon,
    I love picture books also! I like them a lot better than novels. This book sounds pretty awesome. Henry sounds like a cool guy! I love reading these book blurbs and this is one of my favorite. Thanks for sharing
    George Online :

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