Cereal Boxes For What…

So I’m guessing your asking why are you doing cereal boxes.

Well we had to research about someone who’s changed Australias history between 1901 and 1960.  Not eating cheerios for breakfast.

We had to make a biography and news article about our person we also had to make a interesting cereal box, some small basic facts and some models that related to our person.

I thought that it was a waste of time making a cereal box I didn’t enjoy it very much because there were limited resources. We also didn’t have much time to finish.

Next time I will plan ahead and think of what I could’ve done to progress instead of being stuck on one thing.

Comment down below if you know why and what are the two models. Also what does the cereal box looks like for 1000 Internet points.

3 thoughts on “Cereal Boxes For What…

  1. Hi Leon,

    I liked the giant camera as the box and the biography,it had lots of detail next time you could make some handmade models.

    From Charlotte

  2. Hey Leon,

    I loved how you presented your box and making it a camera but one thing to make the camera awesome is to make the back of the info circles a picture so when you put it in it will display that picture. Another thing is to make a model.

    Fantastic work, Callum.

  3. Hi Leon,

    Like the camera and the picture in the lens.

    Great effort and self reflection.

    Love Dad

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