It happened…

Suspense was growing. It came down to finally freedom and free fun friday it was tallied. And now the winners are ffffffff…. you’ll find out at the end.

Today we had to do our political party Thick Foliage. All the year sixes, grade 4’s and 5’s took a vote out of thirteen political party’s. Overall we did ok. The reason I think this happened because my group wasn’t organised enough and didn’t have everything that we needed. Because Mr bells room had a lot more presentation then just a table with a couple of iPads and a poster. Our group wasn’t very succesful and we ended up 4th last I didn’t even vote for our party I liked finally freedom. (Who came Second) so close. I enjoyed answering questions and getting lollies from other groups. It was totally different because the grade 4’s were only interested in visually appealing while the grade 5’s were going into mass detail.

You know to get the winner we had to do more then just majority rules in stead we did preferential voting. It’s where one team had to get more then 50%.  This is what happened one team had to get 110 votes out of 220 people. Basically the lowest groups got eliminated and there second favourite was chosen and counted up this took 5 rounds until the winner was chosen. (Free fun Friday won)


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