Me In a minute

Stop the clock… my times over but yours is just beginning. Okay so maybe this isn’t Mister Maker. That’s because it’s better. It’s me in a minute no it’s not making a college of yourself I already told you it’s not Mister Maker. We have a minute to test our skills against obstacles like burpys. We then have to find averages and work toward achieving new goals. I plan to beat my train track jumps from 100 to 120 and my push ups from 31 to 40.

To work on my goals I will practise with tape and jump from side to side and to work on my push-ups I will be working on my stomach strength by doing plank for 2 minutes a day.

I thought that the balls in the target would be hard because I estimated   5 but I got 20, which was also the highest in the class so I think I did preety well on that. Something I found challenging was the skips I thought I would get more then a hundred but I only got 91.

This is a great activity for physchical health maths and a healthy wellbeing but I just wish we only had to do it once.


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  1. Dear Leon,

    You made a excellent sizzling start one of my favourites.
    I agree with you that we should only have to do it once.
    I think your post could be more visually attractive.

    From Alex.

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