Quick Reactions Make Good Atractions

imageFinally it’s over… but this is just the beginning because I still have two more years of performing arts… even more. Here up above in this picture are some acting games which use acting skills.

In alphabet surprise we use a still image. This is useful because when I do acting at my dance school I have to be a still image and stay in posture for more than five minutes in my performance.

When we do tablo we use a acting skill to give the person a look of a theme like a mansion to give the a clear picture of the scenery.

When we play the game you. are acting skill in this game is to have a strong voice and powerful movement which helps warm up your diafram and voice.

When we play bus stop we use emotional and realistic emotions to get the person off  the bus waiting seat.


It’s time To Get…. Growing



Our class grade height alltogether was 32.94 metres. There are 23 people in our class which makes the average 1.43 metres. So I was actually higher then the average. Horray I’m growing and even more than I’m suppose to be I think.

Temperature Data… So Boring



Is it really warmer in Melbourne than Gisborne I don’t know do you? We can’t just guess.. can we, that wouldn’t be accurate. Is it warmer in Melbourne or Gisborne.

Week 1 

 (Level 1) On Monday the 5th the maximum temperature for Melbourne was 35°C.

(Level 2) This week the highest minumum temperature for New Gisborne was 18°C.

(Level 3) The maximum temperature for Melbourne was always higher then Gisborne.

(Average)  The average for Melbourne’s maximum was 25.2°C.

(Average) The average for New Gisbornes maximum was 22.8°C

Week 2                                       

(Level 1) On Thursday the 15th the minum temperature for New Gisborne was 13°C.

(Level 2) This week the highest Maximum Temperature for Muelbourne was 35°C.

(Level 3) The maximum temperature for New Gisborne was always lower then Melbourne.

(Average) The maximum average for Melbourne was 25.6°C.

(Average) The maximum average for New Gisborne was 23°C.


For the first week Melbourne’s average was higher than New Gisborne by 2.4°C and for the second week Melbourne’s maximum average was higher then New Gisborne by 2.6°C. That means that Melbourne is warmer than Gisborne.


This Is The Life


2 3 4 Oooh- ooh-ooh- ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh (orquid silence)  Huh.. wha oh I was just are doing my singing and throwing my throat and moving my feet… because it was the school singing concert. I love doing Performing arts I do it at Flash Dance. That’s where Mrs Wencel teaches kids like me.

I used great attitude and facial expressions. I also made sure my singing and dancing was very sharp and clear.

Thank you Mrs Wencel for making this possible and helping me and my class be better at Performing Arts… I’m already amazing at Peforming Arts.

Try and find me leave a comment and tell me where I am in the performance.


How Much Garlic?


I learnt all about median and mode. I thought that it was going to be a long day but turns out median and mode are preety easy to understand. Median is when you form a range of numbers then use the middle number. Mode is when you range from a number like 10-13 and tally all those numbers phew that’s allot of numbers.

Life Learning Message

I have been exploring Cerebral palsy on a website. I found out some stories about CP that really fascinated me. The story the captured my attention was by Pattee Mak.

If I talked to Pattee he would say, “Don’t let you disabilities hold you back.” I think this is a life message for Pattee because even if you have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy it doesn’t mean your life has changed completely.

You can see below that I have highlighted the text that I think supports the life message. To do this I had to infer what Pattee would think as a life message.image

Who’s gonna beat you Mind Maps Mind Maps

I hope the people are proud of all the things I’ve done otherwise well… it took me two weeks. I had to restart what’s worst then that. I did my writing all at school and no where else. So I’m pretty sure that you are proud of me now, right?

To be successful to create a mind map I had to follow the criteria by using key words or short phrases, thick to small branches which were different colours, neat handwriting and a small diagram.

I learnt in a couple weeks nearly everything about earth like tectonic plates, day and night, human impact and natural forces. Click on my photo below to learn even more about our amazing earth!



Car Board Cart Reflection



To be succscessful to finish my cart I had to find out the perimeter and area of how wide my cart had to be. To do this. I used a maths dictionary and asked my group for help.

To work out my perimeter had to add the length and width together and times it by two.

To be successful with my area I had to work out the length and width and use the cm squares to find out the area.

Symbolically United


At NGPS we have to memorial symbols that symbolises Australia’s history. The Gallipoli oak was found where forces were battling in treacherous land masses. The reason it is a important symbol is because it was found on Mountains near Gallipoli. The Red Poppy symbolises the soldiers blood shed and bravery through out the wars. They were found on the battle fields where men had been killed.

Click here to found out more about what the symbols mean and more about Remembrance Day.

We Will Never Forget!


Remembrance Day was first called Armistice day. Remberence day is on the 11th day of the 11th hour of the 11th month in 1918. We should remember and respect the people who fought and died. It’s not just about the first war but about all wars.

Maths Goal



I am going to get up More than 50% on B.3 for my Maths Dash by November the 15th. I will do this by using Hit the Button and TTme. My evidence for achieving my goal will be the photo I have taken of my Maths Dash B. 3 with more than 50% by November the 15th.

Great Big Puzzle Pieces

image Did you ever figure out about a super continent not like superman but a giant continent called Pangaea! I think my theory about Pangaea is correct because the fossils of the animals and plants flow together like a river. The reason I spaced out the continents is because there a smaller parts of islands and lands in between them there isn’t just continents there’s also islands. I also believe that erosion changed the land scape when the water rises above the land. That’s why I think my theory about Pangaea is correct.

Maths Goal

imageI am going to get 100% in B.2 on my Maths Dash by October the 28th
I will do this bye using hit the button and TTme.

My evidence for achieving my goal will be the photo I have taken of my Maths Dash B2 on October the 28th.

Crazy Shoe And Sock Day

Crazy Shoe and Sock day was really interesting seeing different designs of fashion. Even though I didn’t participate I tried to make my own crazy socks.


Artist In School

Day And Night



I really thought I knew how day and night happens… but clearly I had no idea what so ever. Mostly because I had the moon involved. Fancy enough it had nothing to do with how day and night happens.



Simply enough it only had to look like this.  The earth spins anti clockwise on its axis. Then “here comes the sun do do do do”  (by the Beatles).  When the sun faces part of the earth that’s where it’s day time. The other part is night time.


Click here to understand more about how day and night happens.



Melbourne Museum

When ever you go somewhere the next time it’s feels different and better. If you’ve never seen interesting facts and your bored at home.. go to the Melbourne museum. They have allot of exhibit verity from 360m years ago to the human body! My favourite is the bugs alive exhibits with heaps and heaps of bugs from arachnids to arthropods.


Inflatable World…

If you your bored and want something to do you should go to inflatable world it’s at Tullamarine in the sports centre. They have obstacle fights, wipe out but instead of the big red balls it’s the blue bid balls, daredevil island, basketball hoops and lots more.

My favourite is the leap of death it’s at daredevil island! When you fall it doesn’t hurt at all. I can’t wait to go too inflatable world.

Certification And 1st Again

I lined up to get my participation trophy for soccer when I saw this big golden trophy which I got for being the most improved player.

Whenever I dance we normally come first not mean to brag… and we did again. When I got on the stage there was something different that I did when I was proforming my hip hop troop. Write down a comment of what that may have been.


Warrina Riterment Village

At a ritirement village in Gisborne.

On the 9th of September.

We made heaps of residents put a smile on their face when we performed and sang our rendition of Banjo Paterson, Walzting Matilda (Queensland Version), The Man From IronBark,  A Bush Christinging and Mulga Bill’s Bicycle. Those were the poems we performed.

I loved working with Sandra. She had many fascinating stories to share with me.

When ever you think something isn’t funny, think again! There wer many times when they laughed a we didn’t. Mostly because there was a lot of adult humour that we simply didn’t understand.

If only we had more time with the residents. There were so many questions that I could have asked them. They also should have organised smaller groups of students to go.



Wurundjeri Flags

My two first wurundjeri flags colours had to be black, blue and green. One quarter had to be blue, five eighths had to be black and one eighth had to be green.  It has eight parts.


My bigger flag which was 16 parts.  Had to be flag like. Ten sixteenths  had to be black, four parts had to be blue and two parts had to be green.

My Escape Plan


I get the key from my bedroom closet then open the window knock out the fly screen and jump out the window and go to are neighbours property.

I exit my bedroom and get down low. Then I would  go through the corridor. Open the fence to the back of the house where I can be safe from a long distance away from the fire.

Kyneton Safe Day