Term 3 Learning Goals

Organisation is one of the YCDI habits. setting goals is one of the key habits. There are long term goals, and short term goals. long term goal takes a long time to achieve. By accomplishing lots of short term goals, by linking up to your long term goal. You might think that long term goals and short term goals take a term… Well that’s not true they can take us long or short as they want.

English goal 
to understand and enjoy what I am reading
Record my evidence every day
Read every night
Summarise a paragraph
Get a clear picture in my head

Maths goal
to investigate a famous mathematician – Fibonacci

-Check some websites to research about him

-Test his maths to see if it is accurate
Learning Behaviour Goal/ YCDI
Stretch Myself

-Listen to the criteria carefully

-put more detail in my work

-keep my work up to date… Finish my blog posts/ self talk


Friendship Is All That Matters

We were looking at some quotes by Roald Dahl but he is dead, there is no real point… but I still looked hard for a good quote.

I found one that was about me, it reflects to me because, I have been mean to someone and they’ve been mean back…  it isn’t how friendship works.


Bricky Challange

Here’s the thing. Whenever dad sees something interesting or not. He just books us in. Then the next thing you know we’re at a Lego challenge, or somewhere.

I thought it was going to be boring, but I was totally wrong it was great, even though I don’t like Lego. But it was great fun.

I made a huge hellecopter, a slay with some snow dogs. Also a gem in a ice burg. At the end we got some free lego. It was Star Wars and I am not a fan of Star Wars, although it was still fun.

Off The Top

My chin was sweaty, blood was boiling inside me, my nerves were aching, the final scores were announced.

3rd place was young dancers, 2cnd were seniors. Finally 1st place was…….. Flash Dance we had won!!!! We did triple turns and back flips, also the baby freeze.

Weeeeeeeee Win

Ok so here is the scores the judges mark the points, as they add them up.

4th place Devilin, crazy enough most of them thought they won?

3rd place Hurst, 2nd place was Gallaway, even crazier this prep girl was really angry because they came second. Leeee came 1st we had won.imageimage

Stuck With My Parent’s And Sibling



In the middle of the presentation I was really nervous. My heart thumped heavily, luckily I found the word I was looking for! Phew… I was relieved.





Bridges For Toy Cars


We’ve been working on our hot wheels investigation and it’s been great! (apart from writing down are times.)

Lauren’s grandpa showed us how bridges work. It was awesome, although it took forever. He showed us how piers worked, suspension bridges, even a pretty sneaky tip.

To make my bridge with my group, I will use strong cylinders out of news paper.

#14th For Life

My heart is thumping… as I just passed Kane, the Crowd Roared with their chant, giving it all they’ve got saying. (Come on lee we can do it.) I was running so fast my underpants nearly flew off, luckily it didn’t I wouldv’e been a laughing stock for sure.

My Arms were heavy my palms were sweaty I felt like mums shaghetti. (Eminem’s awesome rap)image

Camp Reflection

Camp was so fun, we went to the beach, also a awesome and pretty surprising park. I saw a giant shell and some bright colourful anemone in the rockpools. Just don’t, whatever you do don’t go in the sand unless you know what your up for. Here is some facts on my reflection sheet of how it was like at camp Anga Hook.



Stupendous Arty Table Clothes For Cancer

Most people suffer from cancer. So we made outstanding table cloths for Milly’s Morning Tea. I made my table cloth all by myself! It was the best morning tea ever. I ate heaps of food, Then I got full. I learnt it isn’t impossible to do something by yourself. The reason we did this was because it stops people from having cancer. By donating money to the cancer council. I donated 5 dollars for help in need. To reduce cancer from happening.

Click here to find more about how to host a morning tea, this way you can be involved, to stop cancer.


Day Of Happiness

Have you ever tried being happy when you aren’t happy? Why not make better connections with people. To celebrate the day of happiness we need to know each other.

I make myself happier by being myself! What makes you happy.

For more infomation click this website



Term 2 Learning Goals

At school we talked about how to set a learning goal. My learning goal that I need to improve on is: learning behaviour (YCDI), mathematics and English.

The YCDI goal that I am trying to achieve is to improve my ability to be organised. To do this I need to: get rid of loose things in my folders, recycle the things I don’t need and keep my blog posts up to date.

My effort in mathematics that I need to improve on is I will focus to get better at my mental maths. Do this I need to: work on my PEMDAS equations and I will also get a quicker time on my 8 and 9s to be succesful I will to TT me at home.

The section that I need to improve on English is reading. To do this I must: work on my inferring, So that I can understand what the Author is trying to tell me.


LightHouse Challenge


Oh great, another impossible architect that we have never heard of before! Build a one metre newspaper lighthouse that can survive the wind of doom. But did you know we were successful, well not at the start!

I figured out about the first ever lighthouse, Shipreck Coast and strong building shapes. The next building challenge  I will : follow what the teacher says and make strong structures out of cylinders.

Farmer Duck Learning Goal

Hi I am in year 4. My teacher read me a picture story book about a duck! He wanted to read the book to us figure out  hidden messages about Farmer Duck.

Farmer Duck is exhausted because he does all the work. The lazy farmer just sits in bed. So duck’s friends make a plan to get rid of the farmer.

I am going to choose one of the hidden messages. The one that makes me most successful is ‘think before I do work’.