imageClick the photo to go onto my Adobe slate handbook about Tanki.

9 thoughts on “Tanki

  1. Hi Leon,

    I like how you put a glossary at the end because I know there would be people that might not know what words you were using

    From Taya

  2. Hi Leon,

    I really like how you’ve put in a lot of information, as well as a lot of effort too.

    From Caitlin

    • Hi Leon,

      I agree with Caitlin because you put so much effort in to it.

      From Lexi.

  3. Hi Leon,

    Your tanki handbook is great. I like how you got pictures of you playing. The handbook will be useful for me because I just started playing.

    From Edward

  4. Hi Leon,

    I liked the way that you put lots of information in your text.

    From Jessie

  5. Hi Leon,

    The red and white tank looks so cool great work Leon

    From Fletcher

  6. Hi Leon,

    I loved how you added contents so I know what chapters there are.

    From Brittany

  7. Hi Leon,

    It’s a great handbook. What I liked is that you put in lots of information, effort and your own opinion.

    From Jamie

    • Hi Leon and Jamie,

      I’m the same as Jamie. I’ve never heard of it but I soooooooooooooooooo want to play Tanki. I like how you put lots of infomation.

      From Scott.

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