Photography In Thirds

Have you ever heard of the rule of…  thirds! (crickets chirping) well it may not sound interesting but it’s a great way for photographers.

The rule of thirds is a photo taken at an angle and the image is off center people use a grid (3 by 3) to include other thing in the photo. Here are two examples.

This was my favourite spot in grade 2 when I arrived


This is my favourite spot now

Tell me in the comment which one has the rule of thirds and which one doesn’t.

Boomy Booky Week

Mrs Walker’s door.image

Something that just blew my socks off. For an idea was Once Upon A Slime its quite a good book It was very colourful they had there own authors that they were with their own books they made with creative headings.

I think there idea was unexpected because they used a book that I would of forgotten. I like how it was clever because they told there self as authors. I also like the quality of there writing and punctuation and it was of course student work. My wish is maybe add some pictures in your books.