Maths Goal



I am going to get up More than 50% on B.3 for my Maths Dash by November the 15th. I will do this by using Hit the Button and TTme. My evidence for achieving my goal will be the photo I have taken of my Maths Dash B. 3 with more than 50% by November the 15th.

Maths Goal

imageI am going to get 100% in B.2 on my Maths Dash by October the 28th
I will do this bye using hit the button and TTme.

My evidence for achieving my goal will be the photo I have taken of my Maths Dash B2 on October the 28th.

Term 3 Learning Goals

Organisation is one of the YCDI habits. setting goals is one of the key habits. There are long term goals, and short term goals. long term goal takes a long time to achieve. By accomplishing lots of short term goals, by linking up to your long term goal. You might think that long term goals and short term goals take a term… Well that’s not true they can take us long or short as they want.

English goal 
to understand and enjoy what I am reading
Record my evidence every day
Read every night
Summarise a paragraph
Get a clear picture in my head

Maths goal
to investigate a famous mathematician – Fibonacci

-Check some websites to research about him

-Test his maths to see if it is accurate
Learning Behaviour Goal/ YCDI
Stretch Myself

-Listen to the criteria carefully

-put more detail in my work

-keep my work up to date… Finish my blog posts/ self talk


Term 2 Learning Goals

At school we talked about how to set a learning goal. My learning goal that I need to improve on is: learning behaviour (YCDI), mathematics and English.

The YCDI goal that I am trying to achieve is to improve my ability to be organised. To do this I need to: get rid of loose things in my folders, recycle the things I don’t need and keep my blog posts up to date.

My effort in mathematics that I need to improve on is I will focus to get better at my mental maths. Do this I need to: work on my PEMDAS equations and I will also get a quicker time on my 8 and 9s to be succesful I will to TT me at home.

The section that I need to improve on English is reading. To do this I must: work on my inferring, So that I can understand what the Author is trying to tell me.


Farmer Duck Learning Goal

Hi I am in year 4. My teacher read me a picture story book about a duck! He wanted to read the book to us figure out  hidden messages about Farmer Duck.

Farmer Duck is exhausted because he does all the work. The lazy farmer just sits in bed. So duck’s friends make a plan to get rid of the farmer.

I am going to choose one of the hidden messages. The one that makes me most successful is ‘think before I do work’.