Get On The Floor

I challenge you to a dance off hands off no trash talk no back walk right now dance off, Yesterday Night was awesome everyone was dancing and showing off with tricks and skills there was lots of food to eat.

Our dance was a mixture of dance off and merged into who you know  I really liked our dance but my favourite dance was Eminem because it was so funny because they looked like robots. I aslo liked what does the fox say and masquerade. We also had a graduation song for the grade 6s we finished at 8:10 and started at 6:30. This was an epic day because I love dancing.

This Is The Life


2 3 4 Oooh- ooh-ooh- ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh (orquid silence)  Huh.. wha oh I was just are doing my singing and throwing my throat and moving my feet… because it was the school singing concert. I love doing Performing arts I do it at Flash Dance. That’s where Mrs Wencel teaches kids like me.

I used great attitude and facial expressions. I also made sure my singing and dancing was very sharp and clear.

Thank you Mrs Wencel for making this possible and helping me and my class be better at Performing Arts… I’m already amazing at Peforming Arts.

Try and find me leave a comment and tell me where I am in the performance.


Crazy Shoe And Sock Day

Crazy Shoe and Sock day was really interesting seeing different designs of fashion. Even though I didn’t participate I tried to make my own crazy socks.


Artist In School

#14th For Life

My heart is thumping… as I just passed Kane, the Crowd Roared with their chant, giving it all they’ve got saying. (Come on lee we can do it.) I was running so fast my underpants nearly flew off, luckily it didn’t I wouldv’e been a laughing stock for sure.

My Arms were heavy my palms were sweaty I felt like mums shaghetti. (Eminem’s awesome rap)image

Stupendous Arty Table Clothes For Cancer

Most people suffer from cancer. So we made outstanding table cloths for Milly’s Morning Tea. I made my table cloth all by myself! It was the best morning tea ever. I ate heaps of food, Then I got full. I learnt it isn’t impossible to do something by yourself. The reason we did this was because it stops people from having cancer. By donating money to the cancer council. I donated 5 dollars for help in need. To reduce cancer from happening.

Click here to find more about how to host a morning tea, this way you can be involved, to stop cancer.